Make Your Flat Tire Repair Stress-Free

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Don't let a flat tire leave you stranded - reach out to Flat Tire Atlanta to schedule mobile flat tire repair services in Atlanta, East Point or Stockbridge, GA or the Metro Atlanta area. You can count on us to have a tech out to your vehicle in 35 minutes or less, depending on traffic.

Take the first step toward getting a flat tire repair - call 404-338-8641 now to tell us the specs of your tire. We'll arrive quickly and fix your tire efficiently.

Find out if you need tire replacement services

How can you tell if your tires are nearing the end of their life span? We've put together a list of red flags that indicate whether you’ll need tire replacement services soon.

Warning signs include:

  • Finding a nail or bulge in your tire
  • Noticing cracks in your tire’s sidewall
  • Feeling vibrations on freshly paved roads

You can also use a penny to test your tire’s tread. Put Abraham Lincoln’s head upside down between two ribs on your tire. If his entire head is visible, you should schedule tire replacement services in the Atlanta, East Point & Stockbridge, GA area ASAP.