Say Goodbye to Dented Rims

Reach out to us for fast rim repair services in the Atlanta, East Point, Stockbridge & Hapeville, GA area

As a resident in or around Atlanta, East Point or Stockbridge, GA, you're probably used to dodging potholes during your daily commute. When a new pothole sneaks up on you, don't stress about the rim damage it causes. Flat Tire Atlanta has a mobile welder on staff who can come to you to repair your rim efficiently.

Call 404-338-8641 now to schedule reliable rim repair services.

3 signs that you need rim repairs

Your vehicle will probably show warning signs of damage when it’s time to schedule rim repair services. To decide whether you should get repairs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you adding air to your tires multiple times a month?
  • Can you see visible damage like bent and cracked rims?
  • Does your vehicle feel shaky or pull to the side at high speeds?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, reach out to our mobile welder ASAP. We look forward to serving you in the Metro Atlanta, East Point & Stockbridge, GA areas.